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This Privacy Policy for the site. 

You are currently connected to the Havio Legend website 

This Privacy Policy governs the collection and processing, by Havio Legend, of  personal data (hereinafter “Personal Data”) of users of the website  (hereinafter and “ Users ”and the“ Site ”). 

It is applicable for any use by the User of the Site and its various services, including  in particular browsing the Site and ordering training courses. 

This Privacy Policy supplements the provisions applicable to the relationship between  Havio Legend and the User, and must therefore be read in conjunction with the other  applicable conditions, and in particular with the GTC accessible from the Site. 

The Site: The entire site, Internet pages and online services offered by Havio  Legend, which operates the site accessible from the following URL address: havio 


The company Havio Legend, whose head office is in England, is the Person in  charge of the processing of Personal Data carried out via the Site. 

In this capacity, the company Havio Legend undertakes to comply with the provisions  resulting from Law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 (known as “Computing and  Liberties”), and from the General Regulations on the Protection of Personal Data  (known as "GDPR"). 

Havio Legend can be contacted by mail at the above address, by email at  [email protected] 


Personal Data communicated by the User to Havio Legend is subject to computer  processing and is stored and used by Havio Legend for the following purposes: 

• Register and manage package orders and provide you with the corresponding  services; 

• Communicate with Users in order to respond to their requests and requests;

• Manage any complaints and disputes; 

• Send the User, after obtaining their prior express consent, newsletters, information  messages and promotional offers. 

• In particular, a newsletter will be sent regularly (approximately three times a week).  We may also occasionally send promotional emails about special products or  promotions. 

In addition, when the User visits the Site, navigation data may be collected and  processed by the company Havio Legend or by any service provider of his choice for  statistical purposes, in order to improve the use of the Site, and in particular to  measure the number of pages viewed, the number of visits and the User's journey on  the site. 


Some of the processing carried out by Havio Legend in accordance with the  purposes set out above are necessary to enable Havio Legend to: 

• Fulfill its contractual obligations towards certain Users; 

• Respect the legal obligations incumbent on it; 

• Respond to certain legitimate interests relating in particular to its management. 

In all other cases, the processing carried out by Havio Legend is possible insofar as  the User has expressly consented thereto. 


Havio Legend takes all appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure  the security of the User's Personal Data, in particular, against the loss, alteration,  dissemination or illegal use of such data. 

Havio Legend ensures that such measures are put in place on all operations carried  out as part of processing, and in particular during the collection of Personal Data,  their storage and hosting. 

In this regard, Havio Legend also ensures that the third parties to which it is likely to  call on comply with this requirement for the protection of the User's Personal Data by  putting in place appropriate measures. The technical and organizational measures  put in place may include the use of secure registration forms, the encryption of  certain data (such as bank details), and restricted access to Personal Data. 

Havio Legend invites the User to exercise the utmost caution in communicating their  Personal Data, by themselves, to third parties. Some messages or requests received  may come from malicious people seeking to obtain personal information about the  User with a view to fraudulent use (practice of phishing). If the User receives a  message which appears to be a phishing attempt, he is invited not to reply to it and 

not to open any attachments, images or links contained in the message. The User  has the option of reporting this by e-mail to the address [email protected] 


All transactions made on our Site are secure. Payments by credit card are handled  by our partner STRIPE, which is a trusted payment service provider. We thus have  an SSL encryption system to protect your personal data as well as the means of  payment used. At no time are we directly in possession of your bank details through  this process. 

The payment page address begins with "https" and is accompanied by a closed  padlock or key appearing at the bottom right of your browser. This allows you to  verify that you are in a secure payment area when asked for your credit card number.  STRIPE automatically checks that this connection is secure before sending your  bank and transaction details. 


The contents of the various services are delivered on a dematerialized platform  provided to the Customer when ordering (max 1 week). Free coaching can be  delivered via private groups on social networks, and in particular Facebook. 


Groups, accounts and pages. All coaching can be provided via a private group  created on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram etc. on which content is shared  and in which clients can interact. We may also be required to contact you or answer  your questions via social networks, if you have contacted us in the first instance by  this means. Finally, we have various pages and public accounts that you can  subscribe to. 

Regarding all the information that you are likely to provide to the social network  Facebook (liking a video, watching a video, messages sent to coaches), Instagram  (commenting, liking, sharing, etc.) and any other social network, we tell you not to not  be responsible for the processing of personal data carried out by this third-party site,  and you are invited to consult the personal data protection policies for more  information. 

Outside of the training provided: 

Public information: The information concerning you, which you have transmitted to  us, can possibly be enriched for commercial purposes, prospecting, communication,  solicitation or marketing, by means of other sources of information such as social  networks (information say "public" or to which we can have access as a page  administrator. 

The Site may provide links to other sites, applications and services than its own,  which may be operated by third-party companies. Clicking on these links may allow  third parties to collect or share data about you. In this case, we are not responsible 

for the processing of personal data by these third-party sites, the user of which is  invited to consult the personal data protection policies for more information. 

Link to the Site. Conversely, if one of the third-party sites points to our Site (URL link)  this does not mean that the confidentiality policy of this third-party site is applicable to  our activity, nor that we guarantee compliance by this third party with its obligations in  terms of protection. personal data. 


The User's Personal Data may be communicated to third party subcontractors of  Havio Legend to ensure access and use of the Site and its services. 

The User's Personal Data is not subject to communication or transfer to third parties  for commercial or promotional purposes, except with the express prior consent of the  User. 

The choice by the User to receive commercial prospecting offers or messages from  the company Havio Legend and / or its partners is subject to his prior and express  agreement by means of a corresponding checkbox accessible when is invited to  provide Personal Data. If the User no longer wishes to receive them, he has the  option of unsubscribing at any time. 

In certain cases, Havio Legend may communicate the User's Personal Data to any  administrative or judicial authority which so requests, in accordance with the  legislation in force. 


As part of its activities, Havio Legend may transfer the User's Personal Data to  people or entities located outside the European Union, in the following countries:  USA. 

It is possible that some of the third countries to which the User's Personal Data is  transferred apply less protective legislation on Personal Data. In this case, Havio  Legend implements the appropriate guarantees to ensure that the Personal Data of  the User benefits from a level of protection in accordance with the applicable rule. 

To obtain additional information on these guarantees, the User can contact Havio  Legend by making a request by mail to the address mentioned above, or by e-mail to  the address [email protected] 


Havio Legend will only keep the User's Personal Data for a limited period,  determined according to the nature of the data in question, and the processing  concerned.Sur cette base, les Données Personnelles de l’Utilisateur seront  conservées pour les durées suivantes :

• Identification data: 36 months from the last connection; 

• Order data: 36 months from the date of the order; 

• Bank details: 13 months maximum from their provision; 

• Prospects data: 12 months from the last activity on the site. 

Once these periods have been reached, some of the Personal Data in question may  be the subject of an archiving procedure for the purposes of accounting management  and management of disputes or requisitions, for a period not exceeding the legal  requirements in these materials. 


In accordance with the Law "Informatique et Libertés" and the General Data  Protection Regulation 2016/679 (RGPD), the User has the right to access, rectify,  erase or delete all or part Personal Data concerning him, a right of opposition and a  right to limit the processing and portability of Personal Data, which he can exercise  by email to the company Havio Legend at the email address haviolegend @ Your queries will be answered within 30 days. 

For processing based on the collection of the User's consent, the latter also benefits  from the right to withdraw his consent at any time. 

The User is warned that the exercise of these rights does not affect the validity of the  processing operations carried out previously, nor the right of the company Havio  Legend to proceed with the archiving of some of the Personal Data in question, in  accordance with the principles set out above. 

Such requests must be presented by the User personally and in writing, signed and  accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document bearing the signature of its  holder. This information will only be processed for the purposes of identifying the  User and will not be kept for a period exceeding that necessary to process the  response. The request will specify the e-mail or postal address to which any  response must be sent. Havio Legend will have one (1) month to respond upon  receipt of the request. 

The User also has the right to file a complaint with the authorities, and in particular  with the CNIL. 


A cookie is a file sent by a website when it is visited, and stored in Internet browsers. 

Generally, cookies are used to measure and evaluate the behavior of Users who visit  a website (number of visitors, duration of visits, most viewed items, etc.). There are  several types of cookies, some of which are non-identifying, and others that are 

identifying. Some cookies may be associated with other data in order to personalize  the User's experience on a website. When cookies are identifiers, they allow the  collection and processing of Personal Data. 

Havio Legend uses cookies when the User browses the Site. These cookies are used  for the purpose of measuring site traffic, in order to provide Havio Legend with  information on how the User circulates on the site, and in order to improve the User's  experience on the site. site (for example to keep the contents of the User's shopping  cart from one visit to another). 

The cookies used by Havio Legend are stored for a maximum period of 13  months from their first deposit on the User's computer. 

It is also possible that third parties use cookies to collect data related to the  User's navigation. Havio Legend is in no way responsible for operations  related to the use of third-party cookies. 

The User has the option of configuring the operation of cookies installed on his  computer by configuring the settings of his browser. Additional information on  how the User can configure his browser and limit the action of cookies can be  found on the CNIL website ( 

You can oppose the registration of cookies by setting your browser as follows: For Mozilla firefox: 

1. Choose the "tool" menu then "Options" 

2. Click on the "privacy" icon 

3. Locate the "cookie" menu and select the options that suit you. 

For Microsoft Internet Explorer: 

1. Choose the “Tools” (or “Tools”) menu, then “Internet Options” (or “Internet  Options”). 

2. Click on the "Confidentiality" (or "Confidentiality") tab 

3. Select the desired level using the cursor. 

For Opera: 

1. Choose the menu "File"> "Preferences" 

2. Privacy 

The Havio Legend Company does not exchange or rent the email addresses of its  members or users. 

If the User chooses to disable or block certain cookies, the associated functionalities  (for example the personalization of the browsing experience on the Site) cannot be  applied to them. 


It can be modified by the Havio Legend Company at any time.

In the event of modification of the Privacy Policy, the new version in force will be  applicable to the User from his connection to the Site. 

In the event of a dispute between the User and the Havio Legend Company, the  Privacy Policy to be taken into account will be that in force at the time of the facts  giving rise to the dispute.

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